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A last minute booking.... Brock Daniel and Katherine Ridenour, actually had another photographer lined up to shoot their wedding in Maryland on the day after Christmas (12/26/09). A few changes occurred to their plans, just prior to the wedding, and we adjusted our holiday schedule in order to send Nancy Topham (my daughter) to photograph their wedding. 

We were certainly glad to help them out - we booked this wedding just 3 days before it was scheduled to take place. Nancy took this photo on Main Street in Poolesville - the town's Christmas lights are seen in the background.

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Amy Fowler:

We were all worried that the amazing feeling from that night would not read through in the photographs. The warmth from the candlelight inside, the glow of the Christmas lights outside. The photographs I have seen so far are all amazing. Nancy did a great job!! Thank you so much for taking the booking for my brother so were a God send!!

(01.10.10 @ 10:52 AM)