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I can't really think of a better place to spend a snowy day than the Mill at Fine Creek in Powhatan County, Virginia. The snow began falling on Friday (December 18th) at about the time of their rehearsal, and continued falling throughout the day on Saturday. The result was a winter wonderland with at least 14 to 16 inches of snow. I know this first hand since I waded through some very deep spots to get these photos. The Swiss style architecture complemented the Alpine look of the postcard setting.

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              Special credit to Powhatan County VDOT for keeping the road to The Mill at Fine Creek in such good shape. The highway was kept open all day and we found it to be quite manageable - considering the amount of snow that had fallen.

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     The staff at The Mill at Fine Creek did their part to keep the entrance (above) open and the parking lot was well cleared. The Kabota tractor/snowblower was the right match for the deep snow.  

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                                             The bride ( Esther May) arriving.

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                           These shots of Esther and her family were taken before the 5 PM ceremony. 

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                                                     The groom - Ryan Horner. 

The ceremony was held inside, and after the ceremony the same room would be used for a dinner / reception.

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