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Well, more like a blizzard... we booked this wedding on Friday (February 5th) after learning that their original wedding photographer could not make it to Washington, due to the weather. In fact, all flights into DC were cancelled. So we quickly loaded our car and headed up Interstate 95 to the Westfields Marriott, which is near Dulles Airport. The heavy snow made for a very slow trip, but the warm welcome we received from the bride & groom, and their family (and the hotel staff), made the trip worthwhile.

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By Saturday morning well over a foot of snow had fallen and it continued to snow all day. By Saturday night, nearby Dulles Airport had recorded 32 inches of snow.
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One of the several scenic trails that the hotel kept open during the snow. If you are going to get snowed in, the Westfields Marriott is a good place to be. Here is a link to their wedddings website... Westfields Weddings 

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The Bahai ceremony.

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Omid and Sarah. Our 4th wedding this winter to take place in a major snowstorm.

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